First International Symposium of the Swiss-German Research Unit
Barrel Cortex Function (BaCoFun)

May 19 to 21, 2010
In the Upper Middle Rhine World Heritage Hotel Bellevue in Boppard

Preliminary program:


Wednesday, May 19
    Arrival and snack
 13:00 Heiko Luhmann
(Mainz, D)
 13:15 Luc Gentet
(Lausanne, CH)
Whole-cell recordings from GABAergic neurons in the barrel cortex of awake mice
 14:15 Fritjof Helmchen
(Zürich, CH)
New two-photon imaging approaches to study barrel cortex function
 15:15   Coffee break
 15:45 Yael Amitai
(Beer-Sheva, ISR)
Nitric-oxide producing cells in the somatosensory cortex:distinct roles for astrocytes
and GABAergic neurons
 16:45 Jochen Staiger
(Göttingen, D)
From single cell reconstructions to circuit analyses (discussion round)
18:30   Dinner
Heiko Luhmann
Mainz, D)
The cortical column: a structure without a function? (discussion round)
Thursday, May 20
 9:00 Kevin Fox
(Cardiff, UK)
Origins of centre and surround receptive fields in the barrel cortex
 10:00 Jason Wolfe
(Berlin, D)
Rat social touch
 11:00 Cornelius Schwarz
(Tübingen, D)
Neuronal processing of task-specific afferent whisker information in the rat barrel cortex
 12:00   General discussion
 13:00   Lunch
 14:30 Ehud Ahissar
(Rehovat, ISR)
Thalamocortical convergence on object location in artificially whisking rats
 15:30 Mathew Diamond
(Trieste, I)
Noise in a train of whisker deflections: physiological observations and possible perceptual correlates
 16:30 Cornelius Schwarz
(Tübingen, D)
From behavior to circuit analyses (discussion round)
 17:30 Reiner Polder
npi electronic

Amplifiers for single and multi unit recordings in freely moving animals
18:00    General discussion

  Boat Tour on the Rhine with buffet and wine tasting
Friday, May 21
08:30 Didier Pinault
(Strasbourg, F)
From normal to pathological oscillations in the somatosensory corticothalamic system
09:30 Harvey Swadlow
(Conneticut, CT)
Thalamocortical sensory processing across awake brain states
  Coffee break
 11:00 Heiko Luhmann
(Mainz, D)
Spontaneous and evoked columnar activity patterns in the immature rodent barrel cortex

BaCoFun: Cooperations and perspectives
12:30 Fritjof Helmchen
(Zürich, CH)