Symposium July 2012

Short description

The rodent whisker-to-barrel cortex somatosensory system offers unique opportunities to study the development, structure, function and behaviour related dynamics of sensory processing at cortical and subcortical levels. Sensory information from the whiskers is transmitted in a highly ordered topographic manner to the primary somatosensory (barrel) cortex. Here, the thalamocortical afferents arising from one single whisker of the contralateral snout, project primarily to layer IV and neocortical modules of 300-500 µm in diameter process this information in a radial manner. Short-range horizontal and longer-range cortico-cortical projections enable further inter-columnar and widespread inter-areal processing, respectively. In this satellite event 13 speakers from 7 different countries will give a state-of-the-art update on the technological advances in studying cortical function and dynamics. They will present their hypotheses and novel findings on the development of thalamocortical projections (1) and intracortical microcircuits (2-4), sensory processing at different levels of the brain (5, 6), the spatio-temporal dynamics of cortical cell ensembles (7, 8), activity-dependent synaptic plasticity (9), the role of neuromodulatory systems in cortical processing (10) and on the correlation of whisker-related behaviour with neuronal activity in a well-defined cortical network (11-14) (for review 15-18). This satellite event will start 2 hours after closing the last FENS 2012 plenary lecture in a hotel 20-30 min walking distance from the Centre Forum (see map below). The hotel can host up to 110 participants in the lecture hall.



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