BaCoFun at FENS 2012

S20 - Imaging neural circuits with genetically encoded calcium indicators

Chaired by H. Lütcke (Zurich, Switzerland), F. Helmchen (Zurich, Switzerland)

16/07/2012, 09:45 - 11:15

Lütcke H. (Zurich, Switzerland): Stability and plasticity of neuronal population activity in mouse somatosensory cortex

Hübener M. (Martinsried, Germany): Long-term functional imaging of single neurons in the visual cortex of awake, behaving mice

Kerr J. (Tuebingen, Germany): Imaging activity in neuronal populations in the freely moving animal

Wyart C. (Paris, France): Optogenetic dissection of neuronal circuits underlying locomotion  


S30 - Conversion of sensory signals into motor commands

Chaired by C.C.H. Petersen (Lausanne, Switzerland)

16/07/2012, 15:45 - 17:15

Romo R. (Mexico, Mexico): Sensory-motor transformations underlying tactile perception Vaadia E. (Jerusalem, Israel): Neuronal activity in motor cortex of monkeys during learning of visuomotor tasks and in brain machine interface settings

Courtine G. (Zürich, Switzerland): Sensory control of locomotor function

Petersen C.C.H. (Lausanne, Switzerland): Mapping mouse sensorimotor cortex


S41 - Early cortical activity patterns in rodents and humans: from basics to clinic

Chaired by H.J. Luhmann (Mainz, Germany)

17/07/2012, 15:45 - 17:15

Vanhatalo S. (Helsinki, Finland): Development of EEG activity in healthy and sick preterm human babies

Blumberg M.S. (Iowa City, USA): Motor activity during sleep in infants activates cortical and hippocampal circuits: Relations to sensorimotor integration and brain plasticity

Cossart R. (Marseille, France): Development of functional cortical GABAergic microcircuits

Luhmann H.J. (Mainz, Germany): Control of programmed cell death by early oscillatory activity